Quality Policy

Omega Subsea´s business success is underpinned using solid business processes and adherence to continuous improvement.

This shall be delivered by our commitment to quality of work including an ability to work safely and shall be reflected by the competence of the company to existing clients, potential clients, and independent auditing authorities.

The management team is leading the development, implementation, communication and follow up of the management system - ensuring compliance with this QA policy and relevant standards. Achievement of this policy involves all personnel who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in continuous improvement.

Person drawing on whiteboard

We commit to:

  • Maintain an effective Quality Management System in compliance with International Standard ISO 9001:2015;
  • Focus on keeping the client satisfied though compliance with client requirements and continuous measuring of client satisfaction;
  • Define Quality objectives, measure them and improve the processes through an effective management system;
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are informed and understand our policies and standards;
  • To report unwanted occurrences, process them in a timely manner and gain experience from them to improve processes and behaviours;
  • Annually review policy, performance, processes and set targets for business in management reviews.